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hours. >> if you don't, then you end up getting the fbi will open a file against you and you end up going to jail. >> is there one design that patients react to? >> yes. this is one of them. >> walden is not easy taken by scams. >> i'm trained to use medication as the last resort. by wearing the scrubs, you find most of the time the patient is spending time talking about how beautiful they look, where did you get them from and they forget about the pain. >> he's a stickler for details. you'll see that the fbi's name is missing the word oath. >> if i can have ten, 15, 20 people because they are wearing this, i will be doing a service to my community. >> fbi is aware of the scam. it essentially holds your computer hostage and demands a payment. an fbi spokeswoman told us we would never ask americans for money. cyber criminals know if they use the name of a law enforcement agency. it is not legitimate and if it happened to you, your computer han compromised and you want to make sure it is virus-free before you use it again. >> for more information, go to our website,
they call him dad? >> uh-huh. >> the fbi had told her she was the primary target during the three weeks of terror. for that reason, there is still pain all these years later. g because people blamed me, you know. if i would have said johnny would have killed you. if i would have stayed on the west coast, then people on the east coast would still be alive. >> we talked about lee malvo's jailhouse interview. she isn't qualified to talk about it, but she takes malvo's word for what she said because she was there. she moved on. she is on her second book. that's going to come out in the next couple years about her healing process. right now, she is devoting to be the spokesperson of her domestic violence organization. she goes to military bases to talk about ptsd. she is very -- >> it can be closely linked. it's the best legacy about teaching your kids how to define themselves by who they are. >> thank you. back to you. >>> sky 9 captured what was left of a serious accident in west annapolis today. a ford expedition pulling a trailer overturned this afternoon at route 665 and 50 that cras
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2